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Bocca di Bacco

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 12 noon – midnight

Sundays, public holidays: 6 p.m. – midnight

(Closed on 24, 25 and 26 December)

Please reserve in advance.

Housed in one of the finest buildings in the Friedrichstraße, our establishment features a vibrant combination of late nineteenth-century elegance and design-oriented Italian architectural sensibilities. The inside was designed by the Tuscan interior decorator Stefano Viviani. Classic Italian cuisine, cordial hospitality and exquisite wines set the scene for a unique experience on both a culinary level and a business level.

Lunch & Dining at Bocca di Bacco

Fresh products, craftsmanship and passion are the ingredients of classic Italian dishes, prepared by our chef and his team with a contemporary twist. Our culinary philosophy is reduced to its essentials, refining to perfection the intrinsic flavours of all our ingredients. Every evening we augment our seasonal menu with a variety of recommended dishes, that are changed on a daily basis. On weekdays a two- or three-course business lunch menu is available.

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History of the Bocca di Bacco The magnificent building at Friedrichstraße 167/168, where Bocca di Bacco has been situated ever since its inception in October 2001, was constructed by the architect Bruno Schmitz in 1905, in the style known as “Wilhelmine historicism”. The wide open mouth of the figure placed above the main entrance is what gives our restaurant its name – the Mouth of Bacchus. The great hall on the ground floor originally boasted marble panelling, and was the home of Berlin's first automated restaurant, in which automatic food and drink dispensers allowed the diner in a hurry to put together a quick lunch. Today, almost 100 years later and at the same location, Bocca di Bacco has replaced automatic dispensers with craftsmanship and loving attention to detail. Benvenuti – welcome!