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Restaurant reinstoff

Restaurant reinstoff 

Schlegelstraße 26c

10115 Berlin

+49 30 3088 1214


tuesdays to saturdays

from 7 pm

Restaurant reinstoff is located at the historic Edison Höfe where, from 1883 to 1905, the first light bulbs in Germany were manufactured by order of Emil Moritz Rathenau and the Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG) using patents by Thomas Alva Edison. In 2003, these brick houses were reconstructed down to the detail, in parts with extra storeys and lots of glass. Even today, this allows one to imagine the dynamic industrial architecture characterising Berlin at the end of the 19th century.

The unique industrial flair continues to live on at the restaurant with its original brick walls, tall glass windows, old iron columns and metal pipes as well as almost four metre tall Prussian vaulted ceilings. An intelligent “room within a room concept” with clear lines, selective lighting on the tables as well as discreet furniture create an intimate, relaxed and elegant atmosphere, typical for reinstoff.

Interior design highlight of the restaurant is a canopy made up of 240 silver glass balls of different sizes, which calms the room spatially as well as acoustically while maintaining a feel for its height. Intelligently placed mirrors optically reinforce the infinite depth of the horizon. The colour composition is consciously kept subtle and consists mainly of black and lime green beside the red bricks and black iron columns.

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Three heads. Three hosts. In 2006, they got to know each other at Juan Amador in Langen. At the end of 2007, they decided together to open their own restaurant in Berlin. No sooner said than done. At the new restaurant reinstoff, culinary chef Daniel Achilles, business economist Sabine Demel and maître/sommelier Ivo Ebert have been pursuing new avenues since the beginning of 2009. And with success. Restaurant reinstoff has been awarded two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points. It is one of the most exciting restaurants in the German capital city.